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warm citrus + tobacco

HIPPIE SOUL Natural Candle

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Warm citrus + tobacco all-natural coconut wax candle

Glowing amber light and groovy tunes. HIPPIE SOUL: where warm citrus dances with tobacco whispers. Light up, drift back.

Double Wick | 11 oz | 312 g

60-70 hour burn time


All-natural coconut wax blend and 100% cotton wick.

  • Toxin-Free: contains absolutely no reproductive, acute or organ toxins.
  • Phthalate-Free: phthalates have been shown to be harmful to our bodies and reproductive systems, and our candles have *none* in them.
  • Carcinogen-Free: carcinogens are known to cause cancer, and our candles have zero.
  • Mutagen-Free: mutagens can negatively alter our genetic makeup, so it goes without saying, we leave them o-u-t.
  • Vegan + Cruelty Free: forever + always.
  • All-Natural: zero synthetics or additives, everything quite literally, comes straight from nature.

All candle fragrances are 100% all-natural and ISO 9235 certified, meaning they are derived directly from plants as essential oils and isolates; cruelty free, completely non-toxic and vegan. No synthetics, ever.


How often should I trim my wick?

Every time you burn your candle, trim your wick to about 1/4 of an inch. This will allow the burn to continue clean, without any of the smokey residue that tends to form after a wick has burned too long. It will also prolong the burn time of your candle!

How do I best care for my candle?

When burning your candle, make sure that you allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of your container. If you do not allow it do this, your candle may begin to tunnel and you will not get a clean burn. That being said, coconut wax is wonderful in the fact that if there is a tiny bit of hang up on the jar after your first few burns, don't worry! It will catch up as you continue to burn the candle, as long as you burn as close to the edges as you can.

If your wick has been burning for a prolonged period of time and it begins to “mushroom,” blow your candle out and be sure to trim the wick. Do not let anything fall into your wax pool, and of course, keep it in a safe place away from kids and pets!

Warm citrus + tobacco all-natural coconut wax candle. Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit   Middle: Vetiver, Lavender   Base: Sweet Tobacco. Orchid + Ash Warm citrus + tobacco all-natural coconut wax candle. Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit   Middle: Vetiver, Lavender   Base: Sweet Tobacco. Orchid + Ash


Ever caught a fleeting memory of a sunset at a music fest, with the lingering scent of sweet tobacco with hints of citrus in the air? Bergamot and grapefruit set the upbeat vibe, vetiver and lavender ground the spirit, and sultry notes of tobacco tie it all together. It's like a time capsule to your most soulful moments. 

Top:Bergamot, Grapefruit

Middle:Vetiver, Lavender

Base:Sweet Tobacco