Redefining Scents 'Made for Fall'

Redefining Scents 'Made for Fall'

As autumn approaches, there's nothing quite like the comforting embrace of a warm, inviting scent to fill your home. While pumpkin spice might be the reigning champion of fall fragrances, dare we say we have some new, strong contenders are your new Fall go-tos.

These fragrance combinations are carefully crafted to offer a more elevated and modern approach to autumn scents, creating an atmosphere that enhances the essence of a crisp, chilly day. 

A Modern Twist on Fall Scents

Pumpkin spice may be the quintessential autumn fragrance, but it's time to elevate your senses with something a little more sophisticated and modern. 


Notes: White cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and maple.

Imagine cozying up by a crackling fireplace on a chilly evening, with the scent of warming spices and sweet maple wafting through the air. Reminiscent of the first day of the season where the crisp air catches you off guard, then welcomes you home. White cardamom adds a unique twist to classic cinnamon and clove, making HEARTH a fragrance that's both familiar and refreshingly different.


Notes: Spiced pear, fig, clove, and tonka bean.

Golden is the epitome of autumnal elegance. It combines the juicy sweetness of spiced pears with the earthiness of fig and the warm, comforting embrace of clove and tonka bean. The result is a scent that's both elevated and inviting, like strolling through an orchard on a crisp, sunny day. It's the perfect candle to light when you want to unwind and savor the beauty of fall.


Okay you know they smell great. But what makes Orchid + Ash candles so much better than the candles you find on the shelves at the store?


  1. Natural Ingredients: Our candles feature a blended coconut wax base, which is a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to traditional paraffin wax. This ensures a clean and even burn, free from harmful toxins.

  2. ISO 9235 Certified Fragrances: The fragrances used in these candles are ISO 9235 certified, which means they are of the highest quality and purity, and derived completely from nature. You can enjoy these scents with confidence, knowing they meet rigorous standards.

  3. Unique and Elevated Scents: While pumpkin spice will always hold a special place in our hearts, HEARTH and GOLDEN offer a more nuanced and sophisticated experience. They capture the essence of autumn in a way that feels both familiar and novel.

  4. Modern Approach to Autumn: These candles bring a modern twist to the traditional fall scents, making them suitable for various occasions – from cozy nights in to elegant gatherings with friends and family.

As the days get shorter and the air turns cooler, these candles were designed to bring the warmth and beauty of autumn into your home. The flickering flame, combined with these unique fragrances, transform any space into a cozy sanctuary.

You know the drill. Grab your best fuzzy socks, your softest flannel, your biggest mug, and fall in love with fall, well, all over again.