ORCHID + ASH started as a simple side hobby for our founder, Kristina. During the pandemic she wanted to burn natural candles in her home, but couldn't find any that were affordable and truly all-natural.

So she did what she does best, and figured out how to make them herself.

The beginning

In September 2020, ORCHID + ASH officially launched as an online boutique, featuring our signature all-natural candles and a collection of other handmade products from exclusively women+ owned businesses.


This model allowed O+A to establish itself, and connect with some really magical souls. Although we no longer carry other brands, we will never turn down a collaboration with another creative woman+ finding a living inside of her dream.


ORCHID + ASH is a stand-alone brand creating clean scents to enhance your every day rituals. We believe there is so much magic to be found inside our days' little moments, and our products are designed to help you find yours.

Our collection of natural home fragrances and clean personal scents are all hand-crafted, vegan, cruelty-free and forever free of all pthalates, parabens and toxins.

The Mission

We have been fortunate enough to watch our own business grow and evolve into something we not only love, but are so damn proud of.

We want to honor our roots and help other women+ entrepreneurs that may not have the means start or scale their own businesses.


Each year, we will grant a percentage of our profits to an entrepreneur ready to bring their business idea to life, or simply take their already badass biz to the next level.

We truly believe we shouldn't have to chase our dreams alone, so we are here to chase them with you.