Our Story


Our Founder, Kristina Baranowski, has been a small business owner since the age of 24, when she left corporate America to open a small bakery just outside of Washington DC. She ran, operated, grew, and eventually sold the bakery to move on to other ventures. Since selling her first successful business, she has been continuing to feed + explore the things that light her up while simultaneously working toward a greater purpose.

Orchid + Ash’s Signature Collection of 100% all-natural candles, which simply started as an at-home passion project, has transformed into something much bigger, quite literally taking on a new life form.





We believe the power of small business is far underrated, and the women+ who run them are forces to be reckoned with. Kristina’s candle line supported her through the pandemic, and it was in a moment of appreciation she realized that she wanted to be a part of something bigger, something that helped put real money in the pockets of real women+, who were also finding a living inside their passions.

It was there and then, as she does, that Orchid + Ash was born. Orchids being the ultimate flower of femininity, and Ash a nod to the White Ash tree, one of the most sustainable woods in the country.

It is here that Kristina hand-curates sustainable, clean and eco-responsible home + lifestyle goods, made exclusively by small women+ owned businesses. While Orchid + Ash's Signature Line of goods are all made in-house.

We are here to support and lift each other up, and to truly showcase the beauty of what happens when like-minded individuals come together, as opposed to finding competition in one another.

Our greatest hope is you too, find inspiration to fill your every day life from what we have created here at Orchid + Ash.

Orchid + Ash truly is a special little corner of the internet, and we hope that you think so, too.