Are Natural and Clean Candles Worth the Hype?

Are Natural and Clean Candles Worth the Hype?

We get it.

There are a million and one candles to choose from on the market, and as candle lovers ourselves, we know how good they smell.

But sometimes all those smell-goods come with a price, and it is at the expense of your health. Whether you are burning candles on special occasions or, like us, you prefer to have one burning all day, there are ways you can reduce or completely eliminate the toxic burden your body is taking on every time you light one up.

Traditional candles (think candle aisles in big box stores - yes, even that one) are produced with one thing in mind - to burn with as much smell, or throw, as possible. This is generally achieved by a combination of paraffin wax and highly synthetic fragrance. Why this can be problematic:

Paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum, and it has been found when it is used as a candle base and not tested as clean burning, it can emit harmful chemicals into the air, and in turn, right into your body. Many candles use paraffin as their only wax base as it lends itself for that big fragrance throw we all are looking for.

Toxic fragrances believe it or not, are another super common component to so many candles. Many of these fragrances contain parabens, phthalates, endocrine disrupters and other irritants that can trigger conditions such as asthma. Why would anyone even consider using these? Again, the extreme synthetic and chemical makeup of these scents, lends themselves for that crazy hot throw that you can smell from four houses down. (hello candle headaches)

So why choose clean + natural candles? 

The answer here is simple: they do not contain any of the chemicals listed above. Therefore, they can be burned as much as your heart desires, without any of the negative implications to your health.

Okay, so what makes Orchid + Ash candles so different?

We are so glad you asked!

Our wax is a coconut wax blend base that is not only clean burning, but is biodegradable and natural. It is also considered renewable, completely vegan and 100% non-toxic. Honorable mentions: it has a luxurious and even burn, resulting in a longer-lasting, aesthetically pleasing candle, all the way to the bottom.

Our fragrances are the real show-stoppers. We took 'clean' one step further, and each and every one of our candle + Ritual Spray fragrances is 100% natural and ISO 9235 certified. This means they contain absolutely no synthetics, and each and every component is derived completely from nature. You will not find any toxins, carcinogens, parabens or phthalates here. Bonus? Natural scents smell so much cleaner when they burn, and you can truly smell each and every ingredient that makes up the real scent profile.

So whether you are an occasional candle burner, or a full-blown candle addict, know that choosing the clean options will do you and your health so many favors in the long-run.

We are so proud to be able to offer these products to you, we hope you love them as much as we do.


Happy burning,

Orchid + Ash