The Heart of Non-Toxic Perfumery

The Heart of Non-Toxic Perfumery

At ORCHID + ASH, we pride ourselves on the unique profiles of our scents and the artistry behind their clean composition.

Decoding Fragrance Layers:

Every fragrance is a meticulous blend of notes, each contributing to a sensory experience. Understanding the nuanced interplay of top, heart, and base notes allows us to appreciate the finesse that goes into crafting our olfactory creations.

  1. Top Notes: A Fresh Introduction

Consider top notes as the initial encounter with a fragrance – a fresh and invigorating introduction. These are the lighter, more volatile scents that make a memorable impression upon application. From citrusy zests to herbal nuances, top notes are evocative and brisk, setting the stage for the unfolding fragrance narrative. Top notes are especially prevalent in our newest fragrance, AURA, which within the first hour of wear is extremely citrus forward.

  1. Heart Notes: The Essence Unveiled

Moving beyond the initial burst, heart notes take center stage, revealing the true character of the scent. This layer introduces more complex accords, such as florals and spices, creating a captivating and harmonious blend. While top notes gracefully dissipate, heart notes linger to provide depth and substance to the overall fragrance experience. You can expect the hearts notes to really reveal themselves anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour after application. 

  1. Base Notes: A Lasting Impression

The final act belongs to the base notes – a robust foundation that ensures a lasting impression. These deeper, often musky scents emerge after the top and heart notes have dissipated, anchoring the fragrance with longevity. The base notes not only add complexity but also contribute to the overall allure and resonance of the scent. Base notes are especially prevalent in IDYLL, our most robust, deep with scents of incense, vanilla and musk.

Understanding Non-Toxic Longevity:

Now, let's explore why non-toxic perfumes may not boast the same longevity as traditional counterparts – and why this characteristic is, in fact, a desirable quality.

Non-toxic perfumes, synonymous with our commitment to purity, often prioritize natural and sustainable ingredients. In contrast to conventional fragrances laden with synthetic fixatives, our non-toxic scents embrace the transient nature of clean notes, which by their nature, are not able to last without the toxic chemicals that help them do so.

Embracing Ephemeral Beauty:

In a society accustomed to instant gratification, the ephemeral nature of non-toxic perfumes encourages a more deliberate and mindful sensory experience. Rather than seeking lasting permanence, these fragrances invite individuals to revel in the moment, appreciating the subtle evolution of scents on the skin. The temporary charm of non-toxic perfumes becomes a testament to the beauty found in simplicity and fleeting moments.

Turn re-application into a ritual, taking a moment or two to stop in the middle of the day to bring your most favorite scent back to life on your skin.

At ORCHID + ASH, we take pride in the process that goes into crafting non-toxic perfumes. Each fragrance tells a unique story, inviting individuals to indulge in a sensory journey that prioritizes purity and consciousness. Embrace the craftsmanship, relish the olfactory layers, and let the notes of our perfumes become an aromatic ode to both elegance and well-being in your daily life.