The Secrets to Long Lasting Perfume: Keep the Good Vibes (and Smells) Going All Day

The Secrets to Long Lasting Perfume: Keep the Good Vibes (and Smells) Going All Day

We love perfume as much as the next girl, obviously. What we love even more is when those smell-goods last all day. We've got some easy peasy tips + tricks on turning your everyday spritz into an all-day fragrant affair.

1. Pre-Spritz Prep:

Before you spritz give your skin a little TLC. Moisturize those pulse points with an unscented lotion – it's like rolling out the red carpet for your perfume. Hydrated skin is happy skin, and happy skin holds onto scents like a dream. Seriously, even do an experiment on each wrist - you will see the moisturized side lasts much longer.

2. Pulse Points, Baby:

Let's talk strategy – your wrists, neck, and behind your ears are the VIP zones for your fragrance. Why? Because these spots radiate warmth, opening your pores and allowing your perfume to settle + get cozy.

3. Layer Like a Pro:

Grab body oils, other perfumes or lotions that complement your scent. Layers not only make your perfume last longer, but also make you a complex, custom signature scent.

4. Spritz and Let Live:

After you apply to your wrists, don't rub them together! We know, this goes against everything we thought we ever knew! Instead, let your wrists air dry for a longer-lasting all day scent.

5. Perfect Timing:

Apply your perfume right after a steamy shower. Your pores are wide open, ready to soak up that fragrance. Perfume evaporates super quickly on dry skin, so post-shower is the perfect time to apply.

6. Pocket-Sized Perfume Magic:

For those impromptu fragrance touch-ups, keep a mini perfume in your bag. Need a refrsh? A quick spritz, and you're back to smelling your absolute best.


Smell good. Feel good.