The Ultimate Self-Care Bath

The Ultimate Self-Care Bath

Coziness, health benefits, and Orchid + Ash faves? Count us in. 

When you hear the term “self-care” there’s a good chance an image of a long, luxurious bath comes to mind first. And it’s no surprise – baths are a tried-and-true way to relax. There’s no simpler way to unwind and ease tension in your body, and they come with a variety of health benefits…not to mention, a warm soak after a long day just feels so good

Let’s talk about those health benefits: for starters, soaking in a warm tub lets you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system – in other words, your rest and digest mode. That’s when your body feels safe enough to relax and restore itself, so that you can function on all cylinders. A self-care bath does just that, which makes it the perfect treat for your body and your mind. 

And then there’s the cozy factor. Is there anything better than ending the day with a bath when there’s a chill in the air? Warmth is incredibly soothing, and actually beneficial for your health, too.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, your blood and Qi (energy) move better when your body is warm, which helps all of your body systems perform better. 

Self-care rituals like baths can also help you appear more youthful and radiant. That’s because relieving stress leads to a more relaxed demeanor overall, which means less tension throughout your body and fewer signs of aging over time. Who doesn’t love that?

And here’s some more good news: a hot bath can actually burn calories. Research has shown that an hour-long bath burns roughly the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk – about 140 calories per hour! Now soaking in the tub for a full hour is probably too long for most of us, but let’s go with it anyway. Let us have this win. 

The Ultimate Self-Care Bath Ritual: 

Ready to slip into the tub and melt the day away? Follow these tips for the ultimate nighttime self-care bath – including some of our Orchid + Ash favorites: 

  • First, set the ambiance. We may be biased, but in our humble opinion there’s no better way to set the tone for a self-care bath than with candles. Remember, the goal here is to relax and unwind, so low lighting, beautiful fragrances, and cozy warmth make lighting a few candles a no-brainer. 

Find an Orchid + Ash candle with a fragrance that speaks to you: Is it MOONSTRUCK, with its sweet and serene notes of honey and vanilla? Or maybe you’re more of a free-spirited girl – in that case you might prefer the woodsy and zesty scent of WANDERLUST. Whichever scent you vibe with, you can’t go wrong with any of our clean-burning coconut wax candles. (And you can rest easy knowing we use 100% natural fragrances, too… so you’re not breathing in any gross synthetics!)

  • Pick your playlist. Your candles are lit, and you’re probably already feeling a little loosened up. Keep those relaxing vibes going by playing the perfect bath music. Slow, instrumental “spa music” can be great, but it’s not your only option; this is your time, so pick something that helps you unwind and puts a smile on your face – whether that’s your favorite movie soundtrack, or even the playlist you made for your bachelorette party (or hey, maybe no music at all). The choice is totally yours. 

If you’re stuck, try O+A’s ultimate bath time mix for inspiration. Melt The Day Away

  • Stay hydrated. You’re bound to get hot during your soak, so having a tall, cool drink within arm’s reach is key. You can never go wrong with ice water, but if you’re feeling extra, mix up a mocktail. 

Our current go-to is a Cherry Ginger Elixir: mix equal parts tart cherry juice and sparkling water with a squeeze of lime juice and freshly grated ginger. Pour over ice and enjoy. Use a preloved O+A candle vessel for beautiful drinking glass that’s also environmentally-friendly…look at you, reusing, reducing, and recycling!

  • Get your bath water ready. Find your perfect Goldilocks water temperature – not too hot, not too cold. With the water running, add a couple handfuls of Epsom salt to the tub. This will help relieve any aches and pains in your body.

  • Add in O+A’s secret ingredient ;) : While you’re at it, pour in some DAYDREAM all-natural body oil. The light citrus and lavender aroma will delight your senses, and its silky smooth formula will leave your skin soft and hydrated. 

  • Slip into the tub, nice and easy. Close your eyes and settle in. Let the stress of the day melt away as you take in your surroundings – the sounds, the smells, the feeling of the water on your skin. Let the sensory experience ground you – quiet your mind, and let your entire body relax.

  • Soak as long as your heart desires. When you’re ready to get out, keep up with the self-care – apply DAYDREAM all over your body and wrap yourself up in your coziest robe. Feel its softness on your silky-smooth skin. 

  • Spend the rest of your evening doing something calming: Read a book or magazine,  watch your comfort show, or listen to your playlist. For added ambiance, spritz BOHEMIAN Ritual Spray throughout your space (and on your pillow and sheets) – let the deeply soothing lavandin and vanilla notes whisk you away to a state of pure serenity. 

Last but not least, pat yourself on the back for treating yourself to the ultimate self-care bath. Kudos to you for listening to your body and giving yourself a much-deserved break. 

We hope that is your bath water running we hear..  

We all need to hit pause on our fast-paced lives every now and then and make time for self-care, and it truly doesn’t get any more classic than a bath. Make a self-care bath part of your bedtime routine for a simple way to ground yourself before ending your day. Your body and mind will thank you – and with your favorite Orchid + Ash scent, so will your nose. ;)